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What recruiters want to know when doing background checks

The process of hiring and recruiting new team members can be extremely difficult. In today’s contract and job search climate that more and more people are looking for temporary or short-term work, cutting huge numbers off the list of potential full-time hires. Recruiters want to know as much as they can before they hire someone, so Completely free background check are an important part of the hiring process.

There are things recruiters need to find out when doing background checks, including basic identification details and potential criminal histories.

Verification of information

This is one of the main reasons why background checks are done in common employment situations. The information put on a resume is usually a “take it the way you see it” type of situation. However, if a job seeker has outrageous or sketchy claims, the recruiter will want to check and make sure they stand up to scrutiny. Not only does this ensure that only reliable and honest people get the best jobs, but it also weeds out unqualified candidates to keep the business running at peak efficiency.

background verification

Here are some of the common areas that recruiters try to check in background checks:

  • Experience in large companies.
  • Make sure that the old jobs really existed, and were not just invented.
  • Confirmation of educational degrees and certificates.
  • Check current address and contact details.

Criminal Background Check

It should be obvious why most companies want to know if an applicant has a criminal record. Most background checks include simple arrest reports and related legal issues, which are enough to describe a candidate’s background and show if they had any major issues.

Recruiters don’t necessarily want to fire someone with a criminal record. Instead, they want to make sure the candidate isn’t lying about their background and see if there could be any potential issues with hiring someone with an unknown background.

Another reason for the importance of a criminal record is that businesses need to protect themselves. Hiring someone who lies about their past or has a long track record can put the company at a dead end in the future.

Criminal background checks can include everything from detailed arrest reports to felonies and serious misdemeanours. Smaller infractions, such as parking tickets, usually don’t show up on a criminal record check. Even if they did, most employers wouldn’t judge an applicant for such petty things. Financial problems, such as tax evasion, are more likely to show up on background checks, as are immigration violations and crimes committed outside the country.

Other information recruiters look for when doing background checks includes any licenses an applicant may have, including medical and legal licenses listed on a resume. Marriage records, phone numbers, residential addresses and other personal details are also available and will be checked against resumes for verification.

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