Usage Of Security Label

Usage Of Security Label For Product Authentication

With the market being saturated as it is, many counterfeits, as well as duplicate products, have started to appear, making many customers buy such products under the impression that they are buying the original ones. This can turn quite dangerous both legally and in the context of profits of the company. Thus, to avoid this, a type of anti-copy security label is available for the companies to use for their products.

These labels are usually in the form of QR codes that can be printed on any kind of product or their packaging to avoid counterfeit or copycat products to be confused with theirs. It can also help distinguish original ones and their quality, which if marketed right, can protect the company from unnecessary lawsuits against them as well.

What are authentication labels?

In a nutshell, authentication labels are for the security and authentication of the original products produced by a company. As mentioned above, they are usually printed on each product of the company to help a customer confirm the originality of a product, making the chances of a customer buying a counterfeit quite low.

All one has to do is scan the said QR to confirm that the product they are purchasing is from the manufacturer they are intending to buy from and not a copycat brand. This protects the brand integrity and stops other unregistered copycat brands from using the goodwill of another well-known trademarked brand.

By using such labels, companies and businesses can protect their customers as well as the company itself from any loss of potential sales and revenue due to duplicate products.

security label

How to get these labels?

Many companies provide such services that create specialised authentication codes and labels as per the needs of the business or client. These anti-copy security codes (AR) are different from QR codes and are next to impossible to replace due to their integrated design and manufacturing. These security codes usually have the patented watermark printed within itself which is constant in each code. However, the rest of the code has a unique ID printed for each and every product issued or made.

This can help distinguish any counterfeit products from the real ones for both the customers and the shopkeepers.


In the end, anti-copy and clone-proof security codes are quite necessary for today’s market to protect the integrity and authenticity of the products from potential fakes and duplicates.

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