SocialQ, an Enterprise and Business Partner

The retail and hospitality businesses can take use of SocialQ’s online appointment booking, click & collect, and virtual queuing features. A streamlined add-on that unites your click-and-collect orders, in-store appointments, and walk-ins.

As a significant partner of the Australian Open, SocialQ manages the virtual queues at KIA Arena and has helped retail workers become 300% more productive while optimizing the customer experience at Kmart (Australia), Target, and The Warehouse (New Zealand), among others.

Brands that used/s SocialQ

The Athletic Foot

The Athlete’s Foot, Stylerunner, and The TRYBE are three of the Accent Group’s brands that were promoted on the Social Q platform. When we decided to adopt the Social Q product in September of 2020, it was cutting edge technology; it featured a virtual queuing system and online booking capabilities, both of which helped with the problem of social isolation.

As the project manager, I can say that working with Dean from Marketing Melodies was a breeze, both in terms of handling difficulties and making progress on development requirements. Over the subsequent weeks and months, the product morphed and improved to suit our requirements and lessons learned. The capacity to handle New Zealand customer mobile numbers, Calendar Management, notably for Public Holiday bookings, Some Performance-related difficulties (Once & fixed promptly), and the development of reporting capabilities were among the more major hurdles the team overcome. We were able to contribute to and make sense of the available ideas because of the clear and regular communication that was maintained.

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When stores in Victoria, Australia, reopened after being closed during a terror attack, Target and other companies were caught off guard by the influx of customers.

We were referred to Dean after learning about Social Q from a different retailer. Half an hour after our first meeting, we had a test environment to test in and design how it would work, demonstrating the team’s immediate and impressive responsiveness to our needs.


Kmart was hit hard by store closures and logistical difficulties due to the COVID-19 epidemic, much like every other company. When considering how to address these issues, we came across SocialQ and their newly released virtual queuing technology and began to think about how it might be implemented at Kmart to improve the shopping experience there.

As we explored the various applications of SocialQ, we realized that the service might be used to simplify the click-and-collect booking process for our store personnel.

We were able to keep doing business during the duration of the snap lockdowns by coordinating curb-side and contactless click & collect on the SocialQ network.

In addition to the technology itself, it was a pleasure to collaborate with a firm that put our requirements first and adapted to our shifting demands. We were able to create a more streamlined internal workflow and provide a better experience for our customers because of how quickly and efficiently they work.

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