Lidar Solutions

Increase Your Productivity Using LiDAR Remote Sensing Solutions

Lidar stands for “light detection and ranging” and is a remote that operates as a sensor to collect data from the environment and is used in many applications. Walk into any¬†Lidar Solutions outlet and acquire one.

Types of LiDAR solution products

Standard infrared lidar.

These work well in dark environments but tend to be thrown off by rain. Infrared lidars also need an unobstructed line of sight to be accurate and effective.

LiDAR scan

It is most effective at night because UV light shines through rain better than infrared light. These also need to have an unobstructed line of sight to be effective.

Terrestrial survey lidar

This is not only used for scanning but also for analysing a material by shooting light into it. This type of lidar works very well on plastic and glass, but glass containing lead tends to interfere with the scan.

LiDAR Point Cloud Processor

This LiDAR can detect concealed weapons and drugs and be used in identification technology or even fingerprinting. These are the type of lidar being used in spacecraft. Unlike the other types, these do not need an unobstructed line of sight to be effective.

Aerial Survey Liars

Uses lasers instead of light to scan objects. As you can imagine, these are useless at night because they do not see infrared or UV light. This means that if the police have a vehicle with this type of scanner mounted on it, they will be able to see anything they scan, even in a tunnel or during stormy weather conditions.

Fields where LiDARS have proven its quality


In this case, the car is a mapmaker. LIDAR uses exact measurements of distance to create 3D maps, which help identify the locations of objects in our environment (like potholes, gas leaks, and tree roots).

Collision Avoidance and Detection

This is another area where LIDAR excels. It is used to detect surrounding objects like other vehicles in real time. You see the “LIDAR View” option on the new Volvo S90.


It can be used to create 3D maps of surroundings in a fraction of a second, which makes robots more autonomous and efficient than ever before. NASA is currently developing a robot with LIDAR to explore other planets like Mars.

Engineering and Construction

This is where LIDAR solutions proves itself to be an indispensable tool. More than just a 3D mapping sensor, it can accurately measure distances between objects. That makes it useful for surveying roads and bridges and creating virtual replicas, which can be used for public safety campaigns or live navigation.

Search & Rescue Operations (via drones).

Drones equipped with LIDAR can quickly help find missing persons in collapsed buildings or storm debris.


LIDAR is a combination of laser, GPS and camera technology. The total cost of the Lidar Solutions system is relatively high compared to cameras or video sensors, but it has advantages like 360-degree views and better data resolution. As a result, automotive companies are racing to integrate this technology into their vehicles as soon as possible.

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