Digital Signage: Scale Communication With Compelling Content

Digital Signage: Scale Communication With Compelling Content

The booming popularity of digital content is a good description of embracing large-scale and interactive digital signage. What does it mean? How to use it to your business advantage?

Digital signage definition

Digital signage also called e-signage or electronic signage refers to display technologies, such as:

  • LED walls or video walls
  • Projection
  • LCD monitors

All these are excellent digital signage software to vividly display directions, videos, restaurant menus, webpages, marketing messages, or digital images. 

Functions of digital signage

There are different functions of digital signage in several settings;

  • public spaces
  • museums
  • sporting arenas
  • churches
  • academic buildings
  • retail stores
  • corporate spaces
  • restaurants

Digital signage offers wayfinding, marketing, outdoor advertising, and messaging.

Examples of digital signage

There are different examples of digital signage to choose from. Digital signage is used to provide public info, share product info, or convey internal communication services to boost the following:

  • customer service
  • promotions
  • brand recognition

These are an ideal and powerful way to influence decision-making and customer behavior while boosting consumer experiences through interactive screens. Here are the most favorite ways to use them:

  • Promotions. It can display great places featuring promotions for events, sales, products, and services. Since multimedia screens are using animation and video in addition to rotating graphics, the advertisers include digital signage content, featuring:
  • Static ads
  • Product demonstrations
  • Video testimonials

You can commonly see digital signage in retail settings.

digital signage software

  • Service offerings. The fixed displays or paper menus are still usual. Businesses artistically list the service offerings on digital displays. Popular establishments that take advantage of digital signage are salons, restaurants, spas, fitness studios, and auto repair shops. Digital signage for these establishments can use rotating information and content windows, walls, or dazzling digital screens.
  • Inspirational quotes. The digital signage doesn’t have to be an advertisement kind. You may entertain, inform, and inspire potential customers with featured content and famous quotes. Using inspirational quotes makes the digital signage more interesting and engaging to instantly lift the moods of the visitors. Groups such as health and wellness establishments, gyms, and open offices leverage inspirational quotes to enhance productivity and create a welcoming environment.
  • Engaging forms and games. Who says that digital screens are to be restricted to the wall to display certain info only? You should let the users engage and control them. With engaging digital signage, users can choose content, subscribe to email newsletters, and even play games. In this way, you can collect key information to use for marketing purposes from guests.
  • Social media streams. Bring the digital world into an office with social media-incorporated digital signage. You may sync the screens with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds and artistically curate through hashtag mentions to drive the brand in the real world.

Fans may see this opportunity to see the contribution featured in real-time and the content can become a welcome source of resources or information.

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