Best Catholic Funeral Parlours in Singapore

Best Catholic Funeral Parlours in Singapore

It is painful to know your loved one has died. The last most important thing that comes to mind is the Funeral arrangements. But the families must make difficult decisions, including the services for the funeral. If you want to finish your final rituals cleanly, here is a list of catholic funeral parlour you might look out for:

Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides funerary services according to the client’s culture and tradition. They customise their services to meet their needs. They promote pre-arranged funerals as the funerals are often stressful for the families and need to be planned accordingly. A variety of suits and funeral service packages are available. In honour of women, female embalmers are a way to show respect.

Direct Funeral Service

catholic funeral parlour

Direct Funeral Services offers three distinct choices for Catholic Funeral Packages. Various services are provided in each package to help you have a peaceful wake. Direct funeral services roof the memorial area with an air conditioner, restroom, sound system, Security surveillance, and many more amenities. The staff embalm the emcee, food delivery, dressing, and grown services. They have a good collection of caskets and hand-picked floral arrangements.

Harmony Funeral Care

Burial, en-coffining, and cremation services are available with general Catholic customs like final day mass, night prayers, and final tribute at Harmony Funeral Care. To provide volunteers who are unsure about which priest to choose may count on religious organisations that provide services needed. During the funeral service, the dearly departed’s favourite song will be played in the background.

Trinity Casket

Trinity Casket has been serving the city for over decades. They conduct business people and ministers’ funerals throughout Singapore. They assisted thousands of families worldwide with strict traditions and performed ceremonies. Membership plans can be bought to reduce prices apart from having a great range of coffins with simple, luxurious, and traditional styles. The advantage from flowers to the cemetery can be got by taking membership.

SK Funeral Group

The Catholic Funeral Parlor, with more than 20 years of expertise in this SK Funeral group, offers the most incredible variety of family funerals. Also, it contributes to selection from the time they engage in their services. One of the unique features of SK Funerals group is its funeral packages. They are prompt and respond quickly. Their pricing is transparent and supports the families 24/7.  Their services are to upload Singapore’s most significant burial services and give bereavement experience.

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