Science Fair Projects for the Human Body

Science fair projects using the human body help students learn the importance of good health by illustrating the effects of their choices as well as how children learn.

Science fair projects ideas illustrating how the human body functions provide an excellent way to engage students in science topics such as biology and physiology. Tying biology concepts with current news stories illustrates the importance of research.

Student should know the proper scientific method of creating a hypothesis and then following with an experiment to test it. Instructors can use a science project to teach math concepts related to gathering data and creating a chart that illustrates the results. A good science fair project will state a clearly-defined hypothesis and either prove or disprove it.

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Projects Pitting Boys Against Girls

Male and female brains differ in physical structure, which can be illustrated in learning projects. Some science fair ideas include showing how text color affects memory. Give students text to read and recall in both black and white and colored text. Compare results after testing to see the differences between the boys and girls.

Another project idea tests reaction times. Students are timed as they attempt to catch an object dropped at random. These experiments teach students the concepts of setting up an effective project that includes gathering enough data from which to draw a conclusion.

Health Concept Projects

Science fair projects illustrating the impact of food choices on health can help students understand the importance of a good diet. The effects of caffeine, for example, have often been debated. One idea is to let students learn for themselves how caffeine affects blood pressure.

Have students test their blood pressure before and after drinking caffeinated soda. Compare the results. This type of science fair project is very effective in that a student see how her own body is affected by her diet.

A similar project studies the effect of soda on tooth enamel over time. Use egg shells as a substitute for tooth enamel. Place in a jar containing caffeinated soda. Observe and document the impact over time.

Human Biology and the Environment

Health concerns regarding H1N1 flu and other issues provide a good basis for science fair projects that show the impact of the environment on human health. Student can illustrate the prevalence of bacteria in the home or school.

Possible ideas include measuring the effectiveness of anti-bacterial soaps or hand sanitizers. Use a bacteria test kit, available online at science supply stores. As with health concepts, science fair projects of this type are most effective because test results are visible. Students can see for themselves the actual results of experimentation.

Choose projects that touch on topics which the students can relate to for the best success. From a teaching perspective, students will learn and retain the information better if they can study the topic using more than one teaching method.

That is, if students are able to visualize concepts while reading about them and performing some action related to them, they are more likely to learn and later recall the concepts taught.

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