About KM Institute: Online Knowledge Management Training

Corporations deploy knowledge management systems to facilitate the free flow and ready access of corporate intelligence to employees, users and stakeholders. To facilitate this deployment, corporations send key personnel to knowledge management training where he or she will learn how to either deploy a new knowledge management system or upgrade to a more advanced knowledge management system.

    • Identifications

KM gives employees and stakeholders ready access to a database of facts, sources, knowledge, proven solutions and learned experiences.<

    • History

The phrase “knowledge management” represents the concept of an enterprise continuously gathering, organizing, analyzing and updating enterprise knowledge and information throughout a company or enterprise. This information is then shared with anyone authorized to access the system.

    • Features

Generally, KM online training involves instructor-led streaming video, webinars, message boards and chat interactions with faculty. Because of the complexity of KM training programs, some programs require face-to-face time via workshops and classroom study. Also, candidates can choose programs that result in a Certification in Knowledge Management.

    • Significance

The most important benefit of a knowledge management system is as a data and information repository of internal and industry-related learned experiences. For example, if an engineer is looking for information on how to design a product to meet company specifications, he or she may access the company knowledge management system to learn how engineers designed it in the past or how it’s done within the industry.

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