Parts of Excel for Windows in Study

By Rebecca Johnson, Excel Assignment and Excel-Easy Contributor Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program, which runs in the Windows environment. Spreadsheets can be used for organizing information and performing calculations. You may also use Excel spreadsheets to maintain small databases. The Excel screen can be broken down into five main parts: the Quick Access Toolbar, the Office […]

Science Fair Projects for the Human Body

Science fair projects using the human body help students learn the importance of good health by illustrating the effects of their choices as well as how children learn. Science fair projects ideas illustrating how the human body functions provide an excellent way to engage students in science topics such as biology and physiology. Tying biology […]

How to Get an Excel Assignment Help

It has happened to everyone at one time or another. You are working with Microsoft Excel, and you can’t figure out how to carry out a particular task. You have several options available to you to help you get unstuck. There are several ways to access the help feature built into the program by Microsoft. […]

How to Build Large Knowledge-Based Systems

Knowledge-based systems (KBS) consist of centralized repositories that contain information associated with a particular subject, such as a medical diagnosis, financial analysis or business production forecast. Knowledge-based systems employ artificial intelligence methodologies to solve problems and support human action, learning and decision making. A KBS serves as a storehouse for the dissemination of information or […]

About KM Institute: Online Knowledge Management Training

Corporations deploy knowledge management systems to facilitate the free flow and ready access of corporate intelligence to employees, users and stakeholders. To facilitate this deployment, corporations send key personnel to knowledge management training where he or she will learn how to either deploy a new knowledge management system or upgrade to a more advanced knowledge […]